Looking for a good way to spend Father’s Day with your father or grandfather? Look no further. We have compiled a list of fun things to do so you can start planning your day.

Father’s Day Brunch

Everyone loves brunch, so what better way to start off dad’s day than with a delicious omelet or French toast from his favorite spot? If dad hates crowds, no worries. Bring him brunch in bed, and maybe he'll share the bacon.

Play Golf or Putt Putt

Weather permitting, spending the afternoon outside on the golf course is a win-win activity for fathers and kids alike. Dad can show off his skills on the course while teaching the kids how to play the game he loves. If the kids are beginners, miniature golf is a great way to sharpen up on putting skills - and encourage some (friendly) family competition.

Go for a Family Hike

Getting back to nature is a great opportunity to catch up with Dad and spend that quality time together that can be so rare during the rest of the year. Pick a spot that's close to home or turn it into an extended trip--and be sure to take some photographs to add to the family scrapbook.


For a quality day on a budget, consider planning a Father's Day picnic. Whether your family chooses to ride bikes to the local park or just have the picnic in your backyard, a picnic is a great way for the whole family to spend time together outdoors. Pack a lunch and some games to play and the whole family will have a ball.

Go Bowling

If the weather isn’t looking great, take a visit to your local bowling alley. If he's a bowler, dad can teach the kids how he got his “perfect form” and show off with some strikes. If he's not, the whole family will have fun competing against each other. Bumper bowling is perfect for little kids so they can knock down some pins too.


There's nothing better to bring the family together this Father's Day than by giving back to your community. Find something that everyone enjoys, whether it’s serving at a local soup kitchen, caring for animals at the animal shelter, or cleaning up trash at the local park. It will feel good to do good.

Movie Night

After a jam-packed day, a movie picked by dad will end his day on a high note. He will finally be able to show the kids one of the classics they've been refusing to watch for years!

No matter what you choose to do on Father’s Day, dad is sure to have a blast as long as it is spent with the people he cares about. Happy Father's Day, everyone!